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Offered Courses

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Welcome to Comilla Commerce College , Comilla , Bangladesh
Welcome to our website. Thank you very much for discovering it. Comilla Commerce College is a non-Profitable organization run by Comilla Southern Foundation. It was established in the year 2005.



Why Comilla Commerce College Best?

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  • GPA-5 fСç­cl SeÉ l­®®R ¢h­®no p¤¢hd¡
  • ®mS Semester fl£r¡u ®jd¡ÙÛ¡e ASÑeL¡l£­®cl SeÉ l­®u®­R ¢h­®no f¤lú¡l
  • AüµRm J ®jd¡h£ R¡œ­®cl SeÉ l­®®R ¢h®­no hª¢š
    HR¡s¡J l­®®R    
  • Award for the Semester
  •  Best of the Year.